Basic Boat Maintenance Tips

Your boat is your pride and joy that requires constant maintenance in order to run as smoothly as possible. Since the amount of things you need to do for your boat can get overwhelming, use this guide to determine the most basic things your boat needs!Always clean it with fresh water: Cleaning your boat should

Why a Fuel Stabilizer for Your Boat is Necessary

Fuel stabilizer is an important tool that boaters will want to keep in their arsenal because all petroleum fuel gas can go bad over time. Factors that quicken the deterioration of gas are as follows:WaterOxygenLightHeatSince all these things are unavoidable, especially water when using the boat, your fuel is more likely to become unstable. Fuel

Ways You Could Be Harming Your Engine

Maintaining your engine goes further than just filtering the fuel, changing the oil, and making sure the cooling water is flowing through it. Read on to learn some ways that you might be destroying your engine!Not Properly Diluting the AntifreezePutting pure antifreeze in your cooling system might seem like a more effective way to ensure