Commercial and Residential ramps from Carolina Waterworks feature rugged construction and finely sculpted design. We fabricate them from durable marine-grade aluminum that is corrosion-resistant and requires minimal maintenance. Carolina Waterworks offers a range of decking options, lengths, and widths, and are available in stock or custom sizes. They will arrive at your location complete and ready to install with rollers and a polymer-coated hinge pin.

Ramps from Carolina Waterworks come in various widths and lengths for your convenience whether it is for commercial or residential use.

Ramp Surface Options from Carolina Waterworks

Our ramps are also available in various surface options, including:       

Ramps with Aluminum Decking:

More durable than wood, and at a fraction of the weight of steel, aluminum-deck ramps define long-lasting convenience. Installation and maintenance are quick and easy, as is removal at the end of the season – or when nasty weather threatens.

Ramps with Ipe Decking:

Forget all your fears about wood decking because Ipe (EE-pay) is the tropical king of wood density and hardness! This exotic hardwood species grows tall and strong in the forests of South and Central America. And with its rich coloring and fine to medium texture, Ipe is not just tough and durable (and naturally slip-resistant), but it is also easy on the eye!

Ramps with Poly Decking:

Carolina Waterworks ramps with poly decking are extremely durable and will resist the effects of sun and wear, such as rotting, molding, splitting, twisting, warping, and drooping. Its synthetic non-porous construction is extremely water-resistant. And it will stand up to the kinds of abuse boaters will throw at it, including food stains, chlorine, alcohol, and tanning lotion.

Ramps with Composite Decking

Carolina Waterworks ramps with composite decking will maintain their color without continual repainting and sealing. They maintain their structural integrity without warping or splintering. In addition, because the contents of composite decking consist partly of recycled plastic materials, it earns high marks for sustainability.        

The Carolina Waterworks Promise

At Carolina Waterworks, Inc. we are committed to helping you maximize your time spent on the water and minimize the related effort and expense. Through constant innovations and high quality standards, we provide marine products that are safe, easy to use, and low maintenance. Want to learn more about commercial and residential ramps? Contact Carolina Waterworks today!

Who We Are

Carolina Waterworks is a quality manufacturer of dock floats, commercial/residential gangways, floating docks, buoys, and Safe Haven drive-on boat and jet ski lifts.

We are a privately owned company with over 30 years of experience in the marine industry.

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