What Are Marker Buoys?

A marker buoy is often the first source of vital information for boaters. Wondering about the conditions, cautions, and hazards in your stretch of the waterway? Our durable, attention-getting marker buoys from Carolina Waterworks are designed to inform and protect. Equipped with superior flotation due to our high-grade expandable polystyrene foam and stabilized with twenty pounds of ballast concrete, our marker buoys stand vigilant, ensuring boaters are aware of no wake zones, slow areas, danger spots, and swim regions. We have you covered for every scenario.

Benefits of Marker Buoys

Marker buoys play a critical role in maritime safety by ensuring waterways are navigable and free from hazards. They are essential for all vessels, from leisure boats to large cargo ships, helping them travel safely by:

  • Enhanced Safety: By distinctly marking safe routes and potential dangers, marker buoys significantly reduce the risk of maritime accidents, guiding vessels securely through various water conditions.
  • Legal Compliance: These buoys are pivotal in helping mariners comply with regional maritime regulations, ensuring that navigation practices meet legal standards essential for safe waterway operations.
  • Vessel Protection: Serving as a first line of defense, marker buoys prevent unnecessary collisions with docks, other vessels, and navigational hazards, safeguarding the integrity of boats and their passengers.

Construction Specifications

Our marker buoys are made to excel in the most challenging marine environments.

  • Overall, Height: 48”
  • Upper Tube: 26”
  • Ball Diameter: 18”
  • Lower Ballast Tube: 6”
  • Total Weight: 39 lbs.
  • Ballast Concrete: 20 lbs.
  • Expandable polystyrene foam-filled
  • Replaceable stainless steel connecting pin

Flotation Specifications

  • Min. 15 lbs. ground tackle and max. 93 lbs. ground tackle
  • 93 lbs. buoyancy to 1” below the top of the ball

Labels Available

  • No Wake
  • Slow
  • Danger
  • Swim Area

White Marker Buoy
Green Marker Buoy
Red Marker Buoy
Slow No Wake Marker Buoy Label
Slow 5 M.P.H. Marker Buoy Label
Swim Area Label for Marker Buoys
Danger Label for Marker Buoys
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