Why a Fuel Stabilizer for Your Boat is Necessary

boatFuel stabilizer is an important tool that boaters will want to keep in their arsenal because all petroleum fuel gas can go bad over time. Factors that quicken the deterioration of gas are as follows:

  • Water
  • Oxygen
  • Light
  • Heat

Since all these things are unavoidable, especially water when using the boat, your fuel is more likely to become unstable. Fuel stabilizers works to stop the chemical reactions that occur in the fuel and prevent any deterioration in your fuel.

When putting fuel stabilizer in your fuel, it is important to remember some of the following tips.

  • Read the labels and make sure you are putting the correct dosage in.
  • Always add the stabilizer first then, your fuel. You can also add the conditioner, pour in some gas then rinse any stabilizer from the hose. You can also rock your boat to properly mix it.
  • After you put the stabilizer and fuel together, run your engine for 15 minutes to circulate the fuel completely through the system.

New fuel stabilizers have been formulated to stop varnishing and help mitigate the steps of phase separation. They also help with lubrication therefore, preventing corrosion in your parts.

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