Ways You Could Be Harming Your Engine

boatMaintaining your engine goes further than just filtering the fuel, changing the oil, and making sure the cooling water is flowing through it. Read on to learn some ways that you might be destroying your engine!

Not Properly Diluting the Antifreeze

Putting pure antifreeze in your cooling system might seem like a more effective way to ensure that your engine is properly cooled however, that can end up being more harmful. Pure antifreeze will cause your engine to run hotter because it boils at higher temperatures compared to water. As a result, the heat is kept in and causes the engine to overheat.

Using Cheap Oil

Using cheaper quality oil can end up costing you even more money than if you just initially used the higher quality. The reason is because cheap oil will cause a more rapid aging in your engine. Make sure to purchase oil that has been tested and meets all the standards.

Starting the Engine on Your Trailer

You should only test your engine when you’re in the water because doing this on your trailer can really damage your boat. The reason is that your pump impellers require water for lubrication and if they don’t have it, they can wear away or just fail.

Revving your Engine Before Turning It Off

Revving your engine before you turn it off is one of the worse things you can do for your boat! It is a common myth that revving it before you turn it off is supposed to make it easier to restart for the next time. However, it just leaves unburned fuel on the cylinders which form a thick deposit.

Not Replacing the Internal Zinc Alloy Blocks

Make sure you locate the internal zinc alloy blocks in your engine because if you do not replace it, it can start to crumble. The broken pieces can end up clogging your cooling system over a period of time.

Overall, it is important to study as much about your boat as possible before purchasing and using it in the water.

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