Securing Your Boat During a Hurricane

When you know a hurricane is approaching, the best thing is to store your boat in a safe storage area. However, sometimes it is too last minute or expensive to find a good storage area. With new durable products being created, leaving your boat in the water or elevated in the marina can be okay. Read on for some tips for when you have to leave your boat:
Double Up to Prevent Trouble
One way to ensure your boat stays secure is to double the lines. You should prepare for the idea that one cleat, piling, or line will break so if you have a backup, this can decrease the chance for damage. Try to find pilings and cleats that are farther away from your boat. This will help with a rising or falling storm tide. Another great idea is to protect the lines from chafing. You can do this by cutting up pieces of an old hose and slipping the lines through. Do thorough checks of your cleats to make sure that nothing is loose. Reinforce these cleats if you need to because with a loose cleat, the line is useless.
Strip your Boat of Sails, Rigging, and Valuables
Anything that you have above deck can be easily destroyed so to prevent this, it is a good idea to clear out as much as you can. Remove sails, rigging, electronics, loose chairs, pillows, and any other valuables.
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