Choosing the Right Rope Material for Your Boating Needs

boatMaking sure you purchase the correct ropes for your boat is something that often gets overlooked. However, with the creation of different high quality materials, selecting a good rope for your boat is a lot easier. When selecting your rope, always go by the rule of picking a rope that has a breaking strength that is more than the load you want to use it for. This will ensure that your lines continue working even if it is stressed beyond the service it is intended for. This will also help factor in the fact that the breaking strength will decrease with age and normal wear and tear. Nylon Standard nylon is a common material for docking and anchor lines because it is durable, has good give when necessary, inexpensive, easy to handle, and resists the wear from constant exposure to sunlight, saltwater, etc. It comes in the following styles: strands or braided. The strands are typically used for anchors because it can stretch and has high resistance to abrasion. The braided style is better for dock lines or rigging because it snags easier than the stranded rope. Polypropylene This type of rope is used to tow skiers, wake boards, and dinghies. It can float so it is used for multiple purposes and is as strong as nylon. However, it is not very durable against constant sun exposure and as a result, it does not last long. Polypropylene rope tends to need replacement every year or two, depending on how much it is used and how much sun exposure it has. For more tips for your boat, please refer to our blog often! If you need high quality boat lift hardware, boat lift floats, boat dock ramp wheels, and other boat and dock products, trust the experts at Carolina Water Works. To order any of our products, give us a call at (800)835-6287, today.

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