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Soloar Hybrid boat lift floats

Welcome to the blog of Carolina Water Works! It is our goal to provide only superior quality boating products such as, aluminum ramps for docks, boat lift floats, boat lift hardware, and dock hardware. We carry leading brands to ensure that you can easily access or transport your boat. The time you spend in your boat and on the water is precious! With the help of Carolina Water Works, you can rest easy knowing that our durable products will work as they should.

Safe Haven Boat Lift
Your boat is your baby and you want to make sure it’s kept safe when you are not using it. With Safe Haven boat lifts, you will know that your boat is protected from potential bumps, dings, marine growth, and theft! The low-density polyethylene is impact and weather resistant and also provides a soft surface for you to walk on it easily. Also, with added stability, the float remains level even when you are standing or walking on it. Protecting your boat has never been more effortless and easy! With a Safe Haven boat lift, you can easily perform maintenance, refuel, and protect your boat. Save money and time when you use Safe Haven boat lifts! All Safe Haven boat lifts come with an 8 year warranty. To order our top notch boat lift floats, boat lift hardware, aluminum ramps for docks, or any of our other products, give us a call at (800)835-6287, today.

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