Basic Boat Maintenance Tips

boat viewYour boat is your pride and joy that requires constant maintenance in order to run as smoothly as possible. Since the amount of things you need to do for your boat can get overwhelming, use this guide to determine the most basic things your boat needs!

  • Always clean it with fresh water: Cleaning your boat should be done after every trip you take. Saltwater can strip away your boat’s paint and finish after time so it is important to slow down the process of deterioration by cleaning it off.
  • Be diligent when cleaning the interior of your boat: Cleaning the inside of your boat can be a quick rub down with some cleaning cloths. However, you should try to clean it thoroughly at least twice a week, depending on how often you take it out. Use a soft sponge and marine soap to clean superstructure, seats, deck boxes, windshield, steering wheel, etc.
  • Thoroughly clean the deck: The deck of your ship should be cleaned often with a mildly stiff brush and marine soap. Do not use too hard of a brush because then you can risk stripping off the pain and the finish of your boat.
  • Dry everything: While washing your boat often is important, you can’t forget to also dry it off. Cleaning your boat isn’t effective when you leave water that can potentially rust or corrode your boat.


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